Case Studies

Cat: Pelvic fracture

4.Laser Pic4A young female cat involved in a collision with a car. She suffered a fractured pelvis and other serious injuries which required surgery. Following rest, restricted exercise, physiotherapy and physical therapy exercises on a daily basis, an individually structured exercise program was commenced. The combined use of physiotherapy techniques, and a controlled exercise program has meant she has returned to normal life sooner, stronger and more mobile than she would have done without physiotherapy to support the essential veterinary treatment she received.


horse-1"Just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and Bo. Her new saddle is just the most comfortable thing!! And she is going so much better for it and of course for the lovely physiotherapy treatments you gave her!! A much happier horse!! Can't wait to see you again. Thanks for all the ongoing advice! So lucky to have found you! Have a great summer".

Jo Preston and Bo.

10516829Well thanks to Abigayle Williams super Physio to Flo. As Flo is doing brilliantly thanks to her expert knowledge and understanding and patience. Eternally grateful.

Massive thank you,



Bobi (1)Bobi, a young dog was found living on the streets in an eastern European country, surviving despite having lost use of his back legs. He was brought to the UK where I utilised various physiotherapy techniques to support essential intensive veterinary care, and work to restore mobility to his hindlimbs. Bobi has suffered a traumatic compression to vertebrae in his spine, believed to be the result of a trauma. Since beginning physiotherapy Bobi has shown a considerable increase in the return of muscle in his back legs, and gradual return of neurological responses and some physical control over his limbs. Bobi's recovery will take many months, under my guidance and support his dedicated carer is continuing the long-term programme of daily physiotherapy. The aims are to optimize Bobi's hindlimb capabilities, ensure Bobi remains comfortable and enjoys pain free movement when using his mobility cart, and importantly improve Bobi's general mobility and well-being.

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