Equiband System

Abigayle is pleased to offer to her clients the new Equiband System by Equicore, Inc.

Equicore Concepts™ has been developed from a multidisciplinary approach of therapists, veterinarians, riders and trainers, by adapting and refining human sports medicine, physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles specifically for the horse. These principles revolve around a "motor control approach" which affects how a horse moves and thus performs.

Results show that Equiband™ has a positive effect on spinal stability in motion – back and pelvis – which is key to optimal athletic performance.

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Abigayle recommends the use of the Equiband system for both ridden and unridden work to support and develop balance and co-ordination and improve core muscle developmet. This is achieved by use of two bands connected to the Equiband saddle pad.

Equicore Equiband System

The Equicore Equiband System

The bands may be used individually or together. Whether you will need to use one or both will be dependent on the reason for which the Equiband is required. Abigayle will guide you in the use of the equipment specifically for your own horse’s requirements.

The breech band functions to make the horse aware of the position of his hind limbs and to enhance co-ordination and overall proprioception. This band is especially indicated for horses with asymmetrical hind limb movement, poor engagement and poor development of major muscles, as well as horses recovering from diagnosed musculoskeletal or neurological conditions.

The abdominal band stimulates the abdominal musculature and is especially indicated for horses that have recovered from a colic surgery, have poor (inverted) posture, and clinically diagnosed cases affecting the spine, including ‘kissing spines’.

Research supporting the use of Equiband was presented to the British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in September 2015. This can be viewed on (www.equicoreconcepts.com) and the BEVA website.

Equiband System Availability

Abigayle incorporates the use of the Equiband system to support horses working at all levels, including young horses starting work, horses returning to regular work, cases where core muscle development would improve individual welfare and performance, as part of a rehabilitation programmes and for specific post-surgical periods of rehabilitation prior to ridden work re-commencing.

The Equiband system is very popular and demand is high, Abigayle only offers the hire of the Equiband system to clients whose horses are registered with her practise in Shropshire, and are undertaking a treatment or physical exercise plan under her supervision.

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