TherapyPic1Massage works on many levels and is beneficial for blood and lymphatic circulation improving health, recovery and repair and restores normal function by relaxing and restoring tissue flexibility, reducing development of scar tissue, adhesions and fibrous tissue.

Massage can be beneficial in identifying muscle imbalances, preventing /reducing over-use injuries common in competition animals and can be an integral part of training regimes sustaining performance and reducing occurrence of injuries. It is also beneficial in relieving chronic muscle problems resulting in stiffness, pain and restricted mobility in injured or aged animals, by lowering pain levels, and maintaining joint and muscle extensibility.

DSCN0018The combined use of massage, myofascial release, stretching and structured exercise programs contribute significantly to the effectiveness of treatments, and continued progress, reducing regression between each treatment.


The use of electrotherapies is supported by evidence based scientific research, and its application is shown to effectively promote physiotherapy techniques in reducing pain, optimizing healing and repair of tissue by enhancement of the body's own natural abilities to stimulate, direct and control the healing and repair processes.


3.Ult Pic3Therapeutic ultrasound is a very effective modality, and is clinically proven to increase the early stages of repair following injury. It is used to enhance the efficiency of repaired tissue, speeds up the recovery process, and promote the return to normal function in damaged or injured tissue sooner than would otherwise have been achieved.

Ultrasound is particularly useful in enhancing the repair and effective in the remodeling process of scar tissue, damaged or injured ligaments, tendons and joint capsules, thus significantly reducing the likelihood of re-injury.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT):

4.Laser Pic4Laser therapy is shown to be a trigger for stimulation of tissues' cellular metabolic response processes and promoting healing where tissue is inflamed, due to trauma, damage and injury. Laser can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions and is shown to be effective in reducing pain and providing pain management, and enhancement of the bodies' own healing process.

In the early stages of healing, following injury laser can be used in reducing scar tissue and tissue adhesions thereby reducing pain, increasing mobility and minimizing compensatory adaptions to movement which can lead to further re-injury.

Laser is effective in treating:

  • acute bruising and inflammation
  • open wounds
  • acute and chronic muscular conditions
  • ligament and tendon repetitive strain injuries
  • long-term chronic arthritic conditions
  • providing infection reduction: ulcers and abscesses

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFT):

5.Mag Pic5Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a proven and safe therapy believed to stimulate cellular repair and commonly used for tissue repair, neurological stimulation, and provides a complementary therapy used to promote bone healing by stimulating bone growth.




6.H-wave Pic6H-wave is used widely to treat equine back pain. Because of its unique waveform, it is able to penetrate large muscle groups so important for effective treatment of the horse's spine and pelvic musculature. H-wave simultaneously provides low frequency muscle stimulation and high frequency deep analgesic pain control. It is also very effective at controlling inflammation and oedema through stimulating lymphatic drainage and nitric oxide production.

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